Vehicle Equipment Discounts

Vehicles are equipped with technology to help keep you safe and keep your car from being stolen. Depending on how new your ride is and its features, you could be eligible for discounts on your car insurance. After all, safer cars mean lower risk, and lower risk could mean lower rates! So, keep reading to see how much you could save!

Anti-Theft Recovery Discount

If your car’s anti-theft technology includes an active recovery device or tracking system, you could be eligible to receive Direct Auto’s anti-theft recovery discount of up to 10%.

New Vehicle Discount

New ride? How exciting! But do you know what’s also exciting? Being eligible for a 2% discount on your auto policy simply for owning a new car! That’s right; if you own a current model year* vehicle, you could be eligible for a discounted insurance rate.

Airbag Discount

Airbags save lives and prevent injuries every day. At Direct Auto, airbags could also help you save money on your premium. If your car is equipped with a single or dual airbag safety system, you could receive up to a 10% discount.

Our airbag discount is currently open to Florida and Pennsylvania residents only.

Anti-Lock Brake Discount

Pump the brakes on high-priced premiums with an anti-lock brake discount. If your vehicle is equipped with a two-wheel or four-wheel system, you could be eligible to save up to 5% on your policy. 

The anti-lock brake discount is currently available to Florida residents only.

Save with Other Discounts from Direct Auto

These aren’t the only ways to keep your car insurance costs low at Direct Auto. Check out our other great discounts and see which ones could help you get a lower rate. Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT, request a quote online, or visit a Direct Auto location near you for a free quote today!

*Discount applies to last three model years in VA

Discounts are subject to terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements and may not be available in all states.

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