Driver Education Discounts

Driver Education Discounts

They say education is an investment in your future, and with driver's education courses it’s no different! They offer fantastic benefits, like confidence behind the wheel and a better understanding of the rules of the road. With Direct, you could even get a driver education insurance discount! So, teen and adult drivers of any age and experience level, it’s time to pull out your pencils and take note: consider taking these classes to become eligible for driver's ed insurance discounts.

Defensive Driving Course Discount

If the main driver of a vehicle has successfully completed a qualifying accident prevention course in the past 36 months, a defensive driving course discount of up to 10% is applied.

Driver Training Discount

Have a new driver in your household? If so, the vehicle they will be using is eligible for a 10% insurance discount with proof the young driver has successfully completed a state-approved driver education course. This discount will be applied until the renewal following the driver’s 21st birthday.

The driver training discount is only available to Direct Auto customers in Texas.

Additional Ways to Save at Direct

Guess what? These are just a couple of the many ways to lower your car insurance rates with Direct Auto! Check out our other great auto insurance discounts and learn about how you can customize your car insurance payments.

Discounts are subject to terms, conditions, and eligibility requirements and may not be available in all states.

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