Towing & Labor coverage is an optional, supplemental coverage available under your auto insurance policy. It covers or reimburses you for emergency towing costs (up to the limit selected) when your covered vehicle cannot be driven due to a mechanical breakdown or an accident and for labor costs for necessary services provided at the place where your car is disabled.

Towing & Labor Coverage under an auto policy is typically available as an option only if you also purchase comprehensive and collision coverage . If you are interested in Towing protection but do not need or can’t afford comprehensive & collision coverage, Direct Auto Insurance can also offer you its Roadside Assistance program and 24-Hour Emergency Towing service. As a member of Direct’s Roadside Assistance program, you’re covered for 24-Hour Emergency Towing services which means that you would not have to pay out of pocket for towing services in the event of a roadside emergency because that service is covered up front.

Example of Towing & Labor Coverage

Potential real life scenario: You get in your car to leave work but your engine won't start. Depending on the level of your coverage, the optional Towing and Labor coverage under your auto policy would help reimburse the costs to have service on your vehicle where it’s disabled and if it cannot be repaired for a tow to the nearest repair facility.

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