Accidental Death Coverage

Accidental Death Coverage

Accidental Death Coverage from Direct Auto Insurance

Life is, at best, unpredictable. We can often plan for costs like a mortgage, college tuition, or even retirement. For those events, we know how to scale and save. We know how to allocate our time and resources.

But it's the unforeseen costs that can sometimes matter the most. No one is prepared for an auto accident to happen. But when an accident strikes and the worst is upon you or your family, it's helpful to know that Direct Auto Life Insurance is able to help you weather the storm.

How Accidental Death Coverage Works for You

With Accidental Death Coverage, under your Direct auto insurance policy, your beneficiary as defined in the policy will receive a $5,000 death benefit if you were to die as a result of a covered accident in your vehicle.

Real life scenario: If while driving home from work your vehicle is struck by a semi-truck and you were instantly killed, your insurance's Accidental Death Coverage policy would pay $5,000 to your spouse or other applicable beneficiary as defined in the policy.

This coverage is an entirely optional addition to your auto coverage, but can give you and your family peace of mind and some additional financial security that can help cover the costs of a funeral or fulfill other post-death obligations. It's a simple solution that can help provide financial support to your family during a difficult time.

If you want to consider getting Accidental Death Coverage, visit one of your local Direct Auto locations to discuss this and other coverage options. Our Direct employees are happy to discuss the best coverage and payment plans for your needs and your budget.

While no one likes to anticipate the worst, Direct Auto Life Insurance offers various insurance options. Consider the benefits of Accidental Death Coverage and/or our individual term life insurance options today.

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