Best Cars for New Drivers

Best Used Cars for Teen Drivers: What to Look For

Purchasing a used car for a teenage first-time driver sounds like the perfect plan. Maybe you'd like to save money on a first car, or maybe you're worried that they're not ready for a new car yet. But shopping for used cars is a lot of work, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best used cars for teens for the cheapest car insurance rate.

Safety Ratings

You're not the only one who wants the safest car for your teen—your insurer does, too. No matter the year (within reason – we’re not shopping for antiques), the vehicle’s safety rating holds a great deal of weight in determining whether or not you’re getting the cheapest car insurance. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses a scale of five stars to rank new cars on their crash safety, and even though you’re not looking at new cars, there will be a safety rating for any car of any year. Do some research – insurance companies like cars that have low damage costs from collisions.

Make, Model, and Year

When it comes down to it, the statistics and ratings of the particular make, model and year of the car are what should be looked at closest. Ideally, you want a model of car with a long track record of safety and reliability. An older car of a certain model might be a much safer, more reliable car than a newer car of another model. Research what makes and models appeal to you, and don’t be swayed by a car dealer who tries to offer a newer car for a “great deal.”

Car Color Doesn’t Matter

You’ve probably heard something like, “Red cars drive up your insurance rate,” and you might have believed it. Truth is, insurance companies don’t care what the color of your car is. If your teen has always wanted a bright yellow car, feel free to pick one out.

When making a big purchase like buying a used car, you can never research enough. Spend some time looking at facts about types and brands to see what best fits you and your teen’s needs. The same goes with your car insurance, for that matter. Finding the best used car with the cheapest car insurance takes time and patience. Don’t run out of steam – exhaust your resources until you find the best rates for you and your family.