Railroad Crossing Safety Tips

Many drivers don’t think about railroad crossings when they are out doing their daily routine and never see a train, but when a train does come you should be prepared.

You are 40 times more likely to be killed with a collision with a train, than with another vehicle, according to the National Safety Council. Abide by these safety tips when crossing and near railroad crossings.

  • Reduce your speed when approaching a railroad crossing and look both ways

  • Stop for red flashing lights and arms that are lowered

  • Never stop on the tracks, if you are stalled on tracks with a training coming, abandon your vehicle immediately

  • Turn down the stereo in your car to listen for a train coming

  • Be sure ALL tracks are clear before attempting to cross the tracks

  • Watch out for vehicles that are required to come to a complete stop before crossing any railroad tracks regardless of whether a train is approaching. These include school buses and vehicles carrying hazardous materials.

  • Turn down your radio and open your windows as you approach the crossing so you can listen for an approaching train.

  • Allow plenty of space between your car and the railroad tracks. Remember trains are very large vehicles that will overhang the tracks by several feet.

  • Never stop on the tracks; if you are stalled on tracks with a train coming, abandon your vehicle immediately and call for help.

Trains don’t always come through on set schedules and could appear at any time on working tracks. Stay vigilant and always yield and stop for trains, they can't stop for you.