Insurance Coverage for Others in Car

What could be better than a trip on the open road with your closest family or closest friends? Nothing, right? So you want to make sure they are protected while you enjoy the scenery together.

Here’s the lowdown on coverage for your passengers and other drivers while away on a road trip.

Know your policy

You’ve got the car packed, tires aired up and oil changed, but have you checked on your car insurance policy? Before you leave on a road trip, check your policy or call your auto insurance company to get the lowdown on how you’re covered. You don’t want a fender bender to cost you out of pocket because you skimped on collision coverage.

It follows you

Most insurance policies follow you from state to state. Although most states have different minimum requirements for auto insurance, you will still be covered in the event of an accident.

Who’s driving?

Road trips require long hours behind the wheel and driving often shared by more than one person. If you share the driving privileges with a spouse or other household member, they are likely covered.

In most cases, as long as another driver that is not part of your household asks and gets permission to drive your covered vehicle, they will be covered by your insurance policy. It’s important to keep in mind that if they are in an accident while driving, it could cost you money out-of-pocket and raise your premium.


Typically, your car insurance policy extends to anyone occupying the vehicle. This includes passengers or people in, upon, getting in, on or out of your vehicle.

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