Road Trip Tips & Destinations

Bags packed? Check. Hotels booked? Check. You’re all ready for an exciting road trip, but what about your car?

Before you crank the engine and get rolling toward your destination, it’s important to do some prep work for your vehicle. When taking a road trip, planning ahead for the unforeseen can save you time and money. Direct Auto Insurance can keep you covered on the road with affordable car insurance, but you’ll need to take some additional measures to ensure your trip goes smoothly from the first license plate game to the last quirky roadside attraction.

Prepare Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

Before leaving for a trip, make sure your car, truck, or van is in tip-top shape—no weird noises, leaky tires, or questionable dashboard lights. Taking your car to a trusted mechanic for a “check-up” is a quick and convenient way to make sure your car is ready to take you all the way to your exciting destination. You can also help prepare your vehicle yourself by checking the tires, air filters, fluids, and oil before departing.

Staying Safe Away from Home

Once your car is ready for the road, you need to be prepared for what could happen while you’re driving or far away from home. Whether you decide to rent a vehicle for your trip or take your own car, there are a few problems you may run into on the road. Read more below to ensure you’ll know what to do in the event of car trouble.

While these tips can help keep you and your vehicle safe on the road, sometimes things just happen. In the event of an accident, read more about what to do After a Car Accident.

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