Low Income Drivers & Insurance

Car insurance is a necessary expense if you own a vehicle, but it can be hard to afford if you are part of a low-income family. It’s still possible to find cheap car insurance if you’re a low-income driver, and Direct Auto Insurance can help find you the most affordable auto coverage.

Shop Around

The best way to get auto insurance for a low-income driver is to shop around for the best price. Most auto insurance companies offer free quotes for auto insurance, and many offer competitive pricing. No matter what you're budget, you should still expect the best from your insurance company.

Keep Your Coverage Simple

It may seem like a no-brainer, but choosing the least amount of car insurance coverage that meets your state's financial responsibility requirements could save you money on your car insurance policy. The most basic insurance coverage is called liability insurance. Every state requires auto insurance coverage, but the minimum required liability coverage varies by state. Check your state's laws to find out what the minimum required auto insurance is for you.

Buy the Right Vehicle

Sports cars are usually more expensive to insure than a mini-van or SUV. You can find a yearly list of the cheapest cars to insure at Forbes.com, or check out 10 of the safest used cars under $10,000.

Sometimes, lenders require more coverage on your vehicle while the car is being financed. If your car is paid off, you could get cheaper car insurance by covering your vehicle with the minimum required amount of car insurance in your state.

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