SR22 Insurance

Your Guide to SR22 Car Insurance

What is an SR22?

SR22 isn't a type of auto insurance. It’s simply a document that an auto insurance company files with the state to certify that an individual has an insurance policy in place that meets that state’s minimum liability coverage or financial responsibility requirements.

The "SR" stands for "safety responsibility." You may also hear an SR22 referred to as a certificate of insurance or a financial responsibility filing.

Who needs an SR22?

Each state has different car insurance coverage requirements, but typically, a court or state will require an SR22 form if:

  • You've been convicted of a DUI or DWI offence
  • Have failed to maintain auto insurance coverage in the past
  • You've committed serious driving related violations

What do I do while I have an SR22?

Once you regain driving privileges and your SR22 is in place, it’s important to keep a clean driving record. If your SR22 auto insurance policy is cancelled, lapses or expires, your auto insurance company is required to notify the authorities in your state. (They do this by issuing an SR26 form, which certifies the cancellation of the policy.) At that point, your license could be suspended again or the state may take other serious actions that will limit your ability to drive.

How much does an SR22 cost? 

In most states, there is a fee to file an SR22 that is usually around $25, but it could be higher in your state. Depending on the type of certificate of financial responsibility you need, you may be required to buy higher than the minimum liability limits so the premiums for those will be higher. Your rate will depend on your particular circumstances and will vary. Start with an insurance quote online or over the phone to get a better idea for SR22 costs. 

What if I move with an SR22?  

What should you do if you currently have an SR22 filed in one state but you’re moving to another state? Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. You will need to maintain the SR22 requirements for the state where you originally filed the SR22 form and make sure that your auto insurance policy also meets the legal minimum liability requirements of your new state. Your car insurance company can help you take care of this! 

What if I let my SR22 insurance cancel or lapse? 

Your SR22 will stay valid for as long as you keep your insurance policy in force and until you no longer have the certificate on file. Like we mentioned before: If your SR22 policy cancels, lapses or expires while you are still required to carry an SR22, your insurance company is required to notify the authorities in your state. Failure to maintain your insurance coverage could cause you to lose your driving privileges again and your state may take other actions against you. It's best to keep the SR22 for the entire mandated period of time. 

Get the SR22 support you need 

State laws regarding SR22 car insurance requirements can be complicated. That's why it's so important to get reliable information and support from licensed insurance agents at reputable SR22 insurance companies. Doing so can help you avoid the possible loss of your driving privileges. Plus, experienced agents will be able to help you find an approved cheap SR22 insurance policy.

If you have more questions about SR22 insurance or any other products or services, stop by a Direct Auto Insurance location near you or call an agent at 1-877-GO-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732). At Direct Auto, you can get the affordable car insurance coverage you need, the services you want, and the respect you deserve—regardless of your insurance history.