Get Help Understanding Your Health Care Options

Do you have questions about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act? Need help enrolling in health coverage for the coming year? Want to avoid the tax penalties of going without health coverage?

At Direct, providing much needed protection for consumers is how we first got started. We began selling car insurance out of an old auto repair shop in 1991, providing insurance coverage for drivers and their vehicles from day one.

But we do more than insure cars, we also help take care of their drivers.  This means helping our policyholders and their families by providing information about health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  That’s why we’ve partnered with a company called Next Health to help you find health insurance that not only fits your needs, but also meets government requirements.

Getting Help is Easy. Just fill out this simple form:

A Next Health representative will then contact you to help you obtain the coverage you need, understand the government subsidies you may qualify for, and get you enrolled.  Although Direct does not offer the coverage you may qualify for, Next Health is able to place you with a health insurance company that offers this vital coverage.

This referral program* is only available between November 15, 2014 and February 15, 2015 in the following states: TN, TX, GA, FL, and SC.

FAQ's about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Q: What is the Affordable Care Act?

A: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, referred to “the Affordable Care Act” for short, is a health care reform law that, among other things, requires most U.S. citizens and legal residents to have qualifying health insurance coverage. The Act called for the creation of the Health Insurance Marketplace also called the health insurance exchange, where uninsured people enroll in health coverage, cites

Q: Who needs coverage?

A: Everyone! Besides a few federally mandated exceptions, everyone is now required to have health coverage. Some exceptions include people in jail or prison, people that are part of an insurance sharing program, and non-US citizens.

Q: What happens if I choose not to enroll in health coverage and remain uninsured?

A: According to , if you don’t have coverage in 2015, you’ll pay a penalty of either 2% of your income, or $325 per adult ($162.50/child) – whichever amount is higher. 

Q: How do I enroll for health coverage in the Health Insurance Exchange?

A: The qualified representatives at Next Health will be able to help get you enrolled. All you need to do is fill out this short, simple form: and a Next Health representative will contact you about health insurance that may be available to you free of charge through the Affordable Care Act. Next Health will help you make the best decision regarding your health coverage, while still meeting government requirements.

*Products offered as part of this referral program are not sold or underwritten by Direct Auto Insurance or by any of its affiliates and are not the responsibility of Direct.

Get Help Understanding Your Healthcare Options
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