The Best Things to Buy in July & August


When you’re bargain hunting, timing is everything. Just as the best time to find discounted ornaments and string lights is usually after December, many other items go on sale off-season. We’ll help you find out when these markdowns happen, so you can take advantage of all the great deals.

Here’s a monthly breakdown of great summertime steals to look for in your area:


Furniture:  Many furniture stores clear out their inventory twice a year, in January and July, to make room for the season’s newest additions, which means you could get a surprising discount according to Simple Finance .

Computers:  The technology giants will be releasing new models for the coming school year, so last year’s models could be on sale throughout July. Again, stores will be eager to make room for new inventory. 

Tools: While there could be plenty of sales leading up to Father's Day, the deals could be even sweeter once the holiday passes and hardware retailers probably want to move inventory that didn't sell the previous month.


Tax-free weekend:  Seventeen states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas hold a tax-free weekend during August. Learn more about your state’s 2014 tax-free weekend dates and the items included. 

Clothing : Retailers recognize that August is a big month for back-to-school gear and they will be competing for your attention. Many offer great back-to-school sales, and may even offer reduced prices on summer essentials like sandals, tank-tops, and swimsuits to make room for fall sweaters, pants, and jackets. 

School & Office Supplies:  The timing of sales will depend on the school schedule in your area, but you could see special prices on pencils, markers, notebooks, rulers, and other back-to-school basics as retailers push to get rid of their inventory.

Small Appliances & Linens : The college crew will be looking to outfit their dorm room or apartment, but they’re not the only ones that can take advantage of markdowns on towels, sheets, pillows, and small housewares like coffee makers, toasters, and microwaves. According to Daniel Butler of the National Retail Federation, you could see reductions between 20 and 50 percent on these goods .

Even though sales will differ depending on your area’s climate, academic calendar, and general style preferences, you can usually count on items to be discounted after they’re most in demand. If you keep an eye out for these seasonal events, you could snag some sweet stuff! And, when you combine seasonal sales with coupons, you could take advantage of even bigger savings.

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