Affordable Gift Ideas for Car Lovers


Give the car enthusiast in your life something they'll really love. Here are some unique and creative gift ideas that won't break the bank:

Make a coupon book of car chores . You could include a coupon for a driveway car wash, a tire shine, or an interior vacuum. Fill the book with things you actually know how to do and wouldn’t mind doing. Be prepared to make their wishes come true!

Estimated cost: Less than $5

Check out a local car show . Do a quick online search for car shows in your area and you'll find everything from truck show calendars, to rod run, rally, race, drag, motorcycle, and antique cruise-in schedules. Many of these events are free or ask that you donate to a charity upon entry. Fill up a water bottle with lemonade and spend a few hours strolling through aisles of drool-worthy cars and motorcycles. 

Estimated cost: Less than $20

Put together a homemade cleaning kit so your enthusiast can recreate that new car smell. Browse the aisles of your local discount store for car wax, glass cleaner, a soft rag, and all-purpose spray or wipes. Then, look in the toy or hardware section for a small bucket to hold your kit. Personalize the bucket with a permanent marker or paint.

Estimated cost: $20-$50

Protect their hands with driving gloves. Gloves aren't just for racecar drivers and chauffeurs. They can improve steering wheel grip, protect skin from harmful UV rays, and keep hands warm on a frosty winter morning.

Estimated cost: $20-$50

Create a custom car sunshade. Using a sharpie or paint pen, customize the inside of a sunshade with an encouraging or sweet message so your enthusiast will leave their car feeling uplifted and confident. Or, use an online customization tool to add your favorite photo to a sunshade.

Estimated cost: $5-$40

Assemble a roadside emergency kit so your car enthusiast is always prepared. suggests including a flashlight with extra batteries, a set of chains, an emergency thermal blanket, a fire extinguisher, road flares, gloves, duct tape, jumper cables, and non-perishable snacks. You might also want to include a first aid kit, a set of instant hand warmers, and rain gear. Store all of your items in a small duffel bag or box so they don't roll around in the trunk of the car.

Estimated cost: $50-$150

Give them a day in a luxury vehicle . Does your enthusiast stare lovingly into the headlights of a luxury vehicle? If your budget is a little bigger, rent them the luxurious car of their dreams for a few hours, or even a whole day. Then, plan a short road trip to their favorite restaurants, scenic overlooks, and memorable spots.

Estimated cost: $100-$500

No matter what you decide to give your car enthusiast, remember that it's not the wrapping paper or price tag that matters—it's the memories you create together. Those will never fray, break, or fade.
Affordable Gift Ideas for Car Lovers
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