7 Affordable Staycation Ideas


Just because you're not going away on vacation this year doesn't mean you can't get away.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on airfare and hotels to have fun and escape the day-to-day grind. Check out these fun and affordable “staycations” that will fit virtually any schedule or budget!

Create your own waterpark . When the heat of summer seems unbearable, buy or borrow a kiddie pool, turn on the sprinkler, unravel the hose, and gather all your bottles, buckets, tubs, and water toys. Have a race, build an obstacle course, and kick back with a glass of lemonade. Then, place your chair at the edge of the sprinkler line and dip your feet in the kiddie pool.

Host a weekend film festival . Pick a theme, like westerns, cartoons, classics, or comedies, and invite your friends over for two jam-packed days of movies. Indulge in your favorite snacks and put on your comfiest clothes. Let yourself detach from the world around you, just as you would if you were traveling to a different country.

Explore the local scene. Hopping on a local bus or train can be a great way to explore unknown areas of your city. This affordable travel option allows you to hop off when you see a restaurant or shop that interests you, and then hop back on when you’re ready to explore some more! Don’t forget to bring your camera to document your discoveries!

Park hop. Forget island hopping. Go park hopping! Pick three or four parks within an hour of your home, pack a picnic, and jump in the car for an adventure. On the drive home, have every family member cast their vote for the best park.

Pack an extravagant picnic. Bring flowers, pillows, candles, and portable music to your next park visit. Go all out and create a new environment!

Visit a local resort . Cut down on travel costs and find a fancy hotel within driving distance. Stay for a night and enjoy all of the perks of the hotel, like the pool, room service, and housekeeping.

Experience bliss in your own backyard. There are all sorts of activities you can do to escape just steps from your back door. Grab an ice cold beverage and stretch out under the sun; set up an outdoor game (like volleyball, corn hole, or soccer) to play with your family; dive into that book you’ve been meaning to read; or, light a few candles and eat dinner beneath the stars.

The trick to having a fun and relaxing “staycation” is to change up your routine and disconnect from the triggers that may bring you stress. Even though you might spend your “staycation” around the house, treat your time off like any other vacation – let the chores slide and take a multitude of pictures. Embrace this handful of days or hours as a time to bond with your kids and family members. Escaping in your own backyard can be fun and relaxing; it’s also much easier and more economical than planning a big trip out of town.

Are you planning a stellar “staycation” this summer? Share your best “staycation” tips and tricks on our Facebook page! If you’re headed out on a road trip, make sure an unexpected flat tire or dead battery doesn’t put a hiccup in your plans with Direct’s Roadside Assistance program.

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