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Naturally, you want nothing but the best for your children. You take every opportunity you can to teach them about the world, prepare them for the future, and even educate them about the past. Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school, high school, or beyond, we’ve compiled some free online resources that could help you prepare them for social, financial, and educational success!

Resources for Elementary School Students (K-5)

Your child’s elementary years are instrumental in shaping their perception of school and the world around them. Getting involved in their education early on could help them succeed as they progress. These resources were specifically chosen to engage and excite your elementary learner, all while reinforcing knowledge that is shared in the classroom and at home. This site’s games and apps have been featured in The New York Times, Disney Family Fun Magazine, and on Fox News. All of their activities are approved or created by certified teachers and are modeled after interactive lessons that are used in the primary school classroom. Games are geared towards expanding students’ language abilities and critical thinking skills; some of the most unique games include Spanish word bingo and a crossword creator. Created by a 3 rd grade teacher with over a decade of experience in the classroom, Room Recess offers dozens of free math, reading, and word games that help strengthen fundamental learning concepts in math, reading, spelling, language arts, and basic problem solving.

Learning Games for Kids Filled with fun and free games, this site will reinforce and build students’ skills in math, language, science, and social studies. What’s more, many of the games do this through song!

My Kids’ Adventure Up for adventure anytime, anywhere? This online magazine provides parents, grandparents, and caregivers free step-by-step instructions for hands-on activities you can do at home that help your child build their critical thinking and communication skills. What’s more, these activities are designed with the whole family in mind!

Resources for Middle School Students (6-8)

Middle school is full of unique challenges. Students become increasingly aware of social circles, their talents, and their futures. At home, this can also be a difficult time for parents as kids begin demanding more independence. These resources will help your student ace their first set of challenging tests, get tackle difficult homework, and explore their budding interests.

Schmoop Is your child nervous about their first big exam? Explore Schmoop’s extensive collection of study guides. They’ve covered nearly every subject; from pre-algebra to Shakespeare to the PSAT, they’re likely to have just what your student is looking for. They also offer many of their study guides en Español.

BJ Pinchbeck Homework Helper Nine-year-old BJ Pinchbeck started this site over two decades ago. Since then, it has evolved into a sweeping research site with hundreds of helpful homework links geared specifically towards common middle school homework dilemmas.

Whyville Is your kiddo especially curious? Is every other word out of their mouth “Why?” Send them to Whyville to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. They can create their own avatar, play games, chat with friends, and indulge their curious mind!

Resources for High School Students & Beyond

While high school is an exciting and memorable time for many students, it can be very stressful for parents. Teens are getting their learner’s permit to drive, gearing up for college applications, and exploring their hopes and dreams. These resources will help them prepare for their exams and start building the future of their dreams. While this is the ultimate resource for students in need of scholarships for higher education, it is also offers high school action plans for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Whether your student plans on attending college or not, these action plans will help them refine their goals so they can prepare for whatever scholarly topic or career that interests them.

Driver’s Ed Guru This resource is for parents and students alike. It can be difficult to keep your cool while teaching your teen to drive, but the confidence and independence your teen gains when they get their driver’s license is priceless. Refresh your memory on the rules of the road, take DMV practice quizzes, watch videos on how to execute specific driving techniques, and learn more about new driver safety.

The Mint Grad It’s never too early to learn how to budget, save, and invest. The Mint Grad offers everything from hands-on savings tools to step-by-step instructions to reach your savings goals. Want to talk to other kids that are on a quest to understand the world of finance? Mint Grad also offers a blog portal where you can “socialize about money.”

No matter what grade your child is in, you’re making a difference by being present in their education, taking an interest in their passions, and seeking the best for them. By encouraging them when they’re down and applauding them when they succeed, you’re working to build a confident and successful person! Do you know of an awesome online resource that helped you or your child? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

The above-referenced student resources are for informational purposes only and are not sponsors of Direct Auto, nor are they endorsed by Direct Auto. 

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