10 Surprising Benefits Direct Offers

When you choose Direct, you're choosing more than car insurance -- you're choosing a network of support. We welcome all drivers who want to apply for coverage, even those who may be considered "high risk," who may not be accepted by other companies, or who are in need of SR-22 certifications.

When you choose Direct, we'll actively work with you to keep your rates low, but we'll also do so much more. Here are 10 things Direct can do for you.

Here at Direct, we:

1. Send you email and SMS reminders when your payment is due or your policy is up for renewal.

2. Allow you to receive and easily pay your auto insurance bill by text message . GR8T! *

3. Help you monitor, and possibly improve, your personal driving behaviors with the new Direct Drive app for iPhone and Android. Get points for each drive you log, compete with drivers in your area, and learn the practices that make a good driver! Think you've got your acceleration and braking under control? Test yourself with the Direct Drive app.

4. Help you easily customize your monthly payment. Choose your pay date and plan your payment schedule. Get a quote to start customizing your car insurance payments **

5. Offer you over 400 store locations in 13 states , so you can update your policy, ask questions, and make a payment in the comfort of your neighborhood. Find your local Direct Auto store . If you live in Tennessee, you can also visit on of our Direct on the Spot™ (DOTS) kiosks to get a lightning fast quote. You could get insured in less than five minutes!

6. Host contests, concerts, fun events in-store, online, and on social media . Check out News & Events for our most recent happenings.

7. Can review your policy in-store or over the phone to make sure you understand your auto, motorcycle, or term life insurance policy. ***

8. Provide you with a library of information to help you find answers to common car and motorcycle insurance questions. Check out the Learning Center .

9. Give you the opportunity to meet today's hottest artists at the Direct Auto Insurance Garage on Nashville's Music Row. To win tickets and to see exclusive photos from past performances, follow Direct Auto on Facebook and Twitter @DirectAutoIns.

10. Above all, we provide you with the coverage you need at a price you will love , and we provide you with the honest, fair, and sincere service you deserve.

Whether you're a current, former, or prospective customer, thank you for taking the time to consider Direct. Direct's 1,800 plus employees work extremely hard to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. What do you expect from your car insurance company? What would you like to see done differently? Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know. We're all ears! 

*Pay-by-Text services provided by FirsTech, Inc., which is not an affiliate of Direct. Standard messaging rates may apply. You can find more information about FirsTech, including their privacy policy, at firstechinc.com.

**Payment plans are subject to terms and conditions and may not be available in all locations.

***Not all products are offered in all states or distribution channels. Life insurance by Direct General Life Insurance Company. Policy 58TL02010713.

Ten Surprising Benefits Direct Offers
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