Why Choose Additional Services?

Why choose additional services with your car insurance?

Additional services


But what if you have a limited budget with which to take care of all those extra costs?  One of the great things about non-standard car insurance is that it allows you to get only the amount of insurance that you need at a low price you can afford.  That leaves you free to use the money you save to cover the rest of your bases, like your family, accidents, and emergencies.  If you have considered looking into adding ancillary insurance policies to your non-standard car insurance, consider these benefits that come with each type of additional service.

Why Choose Roadside Assistance?

Plenty of drivers ask, “Why should I get roadside assistance?”  And it’s a fair question.  If you know how to change a tire or jump a car battery, you may not think you need it.  But roadside assistance covers a lot more than a dead battery or flat tire.  Roadside assistance could help cover all kinds of eventualities, with perks like 24-hour emergency towing, lost key and lockout services, delivery of gas and other car fluids, and jump starts.  When it comes down to it, having roadside assistance as part of your non-standard car insurance policy is a way to gain peace of mind; you know you’ll be taken care of when you run into trouble on the road.

Why Choose Term Life Insurance?

What about drivers with families to take care of?  If you are a caregiver, you need to know that your loved ones will have financial protection if anything happens to you.  It’s not something that’s easy to think about. Should the inevitable happen, a Life insurance policy could adjust your family’s finances for loss of income, help pay for funeral expenses, and account for any other final costs.

Why Choose an Emergency Protection Plan?

An Emergency protection plan could help pay for anything from the effects of a car accident to the troubles that come with planning a trip.  An accident, for example, might lead to a hospital stay, medical expenses, and an ambulance ride, all of which can incur high, unwanted fees.  Emergency protection plans can help take care of some of those costs.  Emergency protection plans could also include mechanical first aid, an accidental death and dismemberment benefit, rental car reimbursement, and coverage for lost personal effects.

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