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Chattanooga, TN Auto Insurance

In this mid-sized city, you find new restaurants weekly and discover the natural beauty of Tennessee in your backyard. But before you hit the road to hike the Appalachians, make sure you’re covered with cheap auto insurance in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Since 1991, we’ve helped people find the right coverage to match their needs, no matter what their credit or insurance histories look like. If you’re looking for great cheap car insurance in Chattanooga, TN, call Direct Auto.

Chattanooga, TN Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Tennessee auto insurance policies must at least meet the state’s minimum liability coverage limits, typically expressed as three numbers (representing thousands of dollars) separated by slashes. For example, the liability limits in Tennessee are 25/50/25, and they help pay for bodily injury and property damage claims after an accident that is primarily your fault. Still wondering what exactly your policy must include? This chart provides a breakdown by coverage type.

Tennessee updated its minimum liability limits in 2023, so if you currently have lower liability limits, they should be updated at your next renewal.


Is It Required by Law?

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage provides financial protection if you cause an accident that injures another person. It helps pay for their medical expenses and your legal services (if necessary).

Yes. $25,000 bodily injury per person/$50,000 bodily injury per accident.

Property Damage Liability Coverage helps pay to repair or replace other people’s property that is damaged in an accident you cause. It typically involves damage to another vehicle, but it could help pay to repair a house, fence, mailbox, and more.

Yes. $25,000 property damage per accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM) helps pay for your medical bills and related expenses if the other driver has no coverage (UM), insufficient coverage (UIM), or can’t be identified due to hit and run. In some states, UM/UIM can also help pay for property damage.

Not required but included in policies by default unless rejected in writing.

Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay) helps pay for your medical and related expenses stemming from an accident, regardless of fault.

Not required.

Collision Coverage helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if you collide with another car, tree, guardrail, or another object, regardless of fault.

Not required.1

Comprehensive Coverage helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it’s damaged by something other than a collision, like fire, floodwaters, falling branches, vandalism, or contact with an animal.

Not required.1

1Your lender may require these coverages if you lease or finance your vehicle.

Chattanooga, TN Proof of Financial Responsibility & Penalties

The Volunteer State takes a strict stance on uninsured drivers. The fines and other penalties for driving without insurance vary depending on the nature of the violation. 

If the State's online insurance verification system cannot verify a vehicle's insurance coverage, a letter is sent to the vehicle registrant, notifying them that they have 30 days to provide proof of auto liability insurance coverage. Failure to verify insurance within 30 days will result in additional notices and penalties, including up to $125 in coverage failure fees and possible vehicle registration suspension. You can verify your insurance status and view sample notification letters online at Drive Insured Tennessee.

Additionally, you should always carry proof of insurance because you need to be able to provide it upon request after an accident or during a traffic stop.

SR-22 Insurance in Chattanooga, TN

Some high-risk drivers are also required to keep an SR22 (also known as a certificate of financial responsibility) on file with the state verifying they have purchased auto insurance coverage that satisfies the state’s minimum coverage requirements. You might be required to keep one on file if:

If you need an SR22 filed to demonstrate financial responsibility compliance or have questions about the penalties for non-compliance, we’d be happy to help. Direct Auto specializes in helping people find affordable car insurance coverage, regardless of their history. Give us a call today for a free quote.

Tennessee Regional Auto Insurance

Depending on where you live, you might have specific wishes and “must-haves” in your mind for your car insurance policy. After all, a policyholder who lives and drives in busy, downtown Nashville might want more coverage than a person who lives in a small town in the Smoky Mountains. But no matter what city you call home in the Volunteer State, we’re here to help you get covered.

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