Cheap Car Insurance in Louisiana

Direct Auto Insurance is proud to offer auto insurance in Louisiana . At Direct, we cover those who may not be accepted by other Louisiana auto insurance companies . We offer free quotes for affordable auto insurance , no matter your past credit score or driving history. At Direct you’ll get flexible auto insurance coverage plans to fit your needs, and easy access to agents in your neighborhood, online or over the phone.

Below is some information and answers to common questions about Louisiana Auto Insurance :

Where do I find cheap car insurance in Louisiana?

Louisiana car insurance rates can vary depending on your driving record, the type of vehicle you drive and the amount of coverage you choose. The first step to finding cheap auto insurance quotes in Louisiana is to decide how much coverage you need.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Louisiana

Louisiana law requires all your registered vehicles have liability insurance and that you carry proof of insurance in all your vehicles. The minimum required insurance is:

  • Bodily Injury Liability coverage of at least $15,000 to cover injury or death to any one person that results from an auto accident, and $30,000 to cover injuries to or death of more than one person resulting from a single auto accident.
  • Property Damage Liability coverage of at least $25,000 to cover damage to the property of others caused by an auto accident.

Coverage Definitions

Bodily Injury Liability (BIL): pays for medical and legal protection should you or another insured on your policy cause bodily injury to another person while operating your vehicle. The “limit” is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay for bodily injury damages.

Property Damage Liability (PDL): pays for damage to another's property caused while operating your vehicle. This covers damage to property such as vehicles, poles, fences, etc. The “limit” is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay for property damage.

What happens if I don’t have the minimum coverage?

You will not be able to register your vehicle. Louisiana drivers caught without minimum coverage are subject to punishment such as fines and suspended licenses. Direct offers cheap auto insurance policies with instant proof of insurance to make auto insurance coverage quick and hassle-free.

Does Direct offer other products?

Direct not only offers the minimum required coverage for Louisiana drivers, but also offers additional auto coverage such as comprehensive , collision and uninsured motorist coverage (UM) . We also offer motorcycle insurance , road side assistance, emergency protection plans and term life insurance .

Check out Auto Insurance Coverage to discover what else Direct offers.

Need More Information?

If you still have questions, would like to learn about other Louisiana auto insurance options like UM coverage , or if you would like to get an affordable auto insurance quote, contact Direct Auto Insurance: online, over the phone at 1-877-GO DIRECT (1-877-463-4732) , or at one of our office locations .

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