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Indiana Auto Insurance

From South Bend to Evansville, and everywhere in between, Indiana has so much to offer its residents. But whether your idea of fun is heading to shop in downtown Indianapolis or driving up to Indiana Dunes National Park to soak in the sun, affordable auto insurance coverage can help protect you on every adventure.

Direct Auto Insurance is proud to offer car insurance in Indiana, and in this guide, were teaching you which coverages are mandatory, which ones are optional, and how Direct Auto can help you find cheap Indiana car insurance. Get a free quote to see how much money you can save with Direct.

Indiana Car Insurance Laws

Do you have to have car insurance in Indiana?

Indiana law requires drivers to carry continuous liability insurance for their vehicles. Indiana auto insurance policies must at least meet the minimum liability coverage limits, typically expressed as three numbers representing thousands of dollars. For example, the liability limits in Indiana are 25/50/25, as shown below under Indiana Minimum Car Insurance Requirements.

Indiana Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Wondering what your insurance policy needs to make you street legal in Indiana? Here's a quick breakdown by coverage type.


Is It Required by Law?

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage provides financial protection if you cause an accident that injures another person. It helps pay for their medical expenses and your legal services (if necessary).

Yes. $25,000 bodily injury per person/$50,000 bodily injury per accident.

Property Damage Liability Coverage helps pay to repair or replace other peoples property that is damaged in an accident you cause. It typically involves damage to another vehicle, but it could help pay to repair a house, fence, mailbox, and more.

Yes. $25,000 property damage per accident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UM/UIM) helps pay for your medical bills and related expenses if the other driver has no coverage (UM), insufficient coverage (UIM), or cant be identified due to hit and run. In some states, UM/UIM can also help pay for property damage.

Not required but included in policies by default unless rejected in writing.

Medical Payments Coverage (Med Pay) helps pay for your medical and related expenses stemming from an accident, regardless of fault.

Not required.

Collision Coverage helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if you collide with another car, tree, guardrail, or another object, regardless of fault.

Not required.1

Comprehensive Coverage helps pay to repair or replace your vehicle if its damaged by something other than a collision, like fire, floodwaters, falling branches, vandalism, or contact with an animal.

Not required.1

IMPORTANT NOTE: While purchasing liability-only coverage ensures you meet Indiana's insurance requirements, it doesn't necessarily protect you and your vehicle in every circumstance. You would need to add additional coverage, like comprehensive and collision and UM/UIM, to protect yourself and your vehicle from damages, regardless of fault in an accident.

1Your lender may require these coverages if you lease or finance your vehicle.

Are there additional coverage options?

For added peace of mind, Direct Auto offers additional insurance coverages and products for Indiana drivers.

Indiana Proof of Financial Responsibility and Penalties

What if I don't meet Indiana's minimum car insurance requirements?

As discussed above, Indiana drivers who purchase a car insurance policy must at least meet the states minimum requirements. If you're caught driving uninsured, you could be facing serious penalties, according to the Consumer Federation of America. For example, for a first offense, Indiana drivers can expect to have their license suspended, pay reinstatement fees, and be forced to fulfill SR-22 requirements. Penalties increase for subsequent offenses, and vehicles owners will also face registration suspensions.

In addition to these penalties, you'd also be forced to pay for medical bills and vehicle repairs out of pocket for any accident you cause, and car accident costs are typically quite expensive. Therefore, its important to avoid coverage lapses by maintaining continuous coverage and never driving uninsured.

Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License in Indiana

Its against the law to operate a vehicle without a valid drivers license in Indiana. The exact penalty for driving with a suspended license, depends on a few factors, although it generally involves fines, jail time, and increased suspensions. Depending on the circumstances, you could even be charged with a felony. So, if your license is ever suspended, make sure to follow all the steps to get it reinstated before getting back behind the wheel.

SR-22 Insurance in Indiana

In many states, high-risk drivers are also required to keep an SR22 (also known as a certificate of financial responsibility) on file with the state verifying they have purchased auto insurance coverage that satisfies the states minimum coverage requirements. Drivers might be required to fulfill SR-22 requirements if:

  • They have been caught not maintaining proper liability coverage.
  • They were convicted of a DUI/DWI.
  • They have committed other serious driving violations.

If you need an SR22 filed to demonstrate financial responsibility compliance in Indiana or have questions about the penalties for non-compliance, wed be happy to help. Direct Auto specializes in helping drivers find affordable car insurance coverage, regardless of their driving or insurance history. Give us a call today for a free quote.

High-Risk Auto Insurance in Indiana

Most individuals don't have a spotless driving record, and after a certain number of violations or a major violation, drivers can be considered a serious risk to insure. While some companies try to steer clear of these “high-risk” individuals, other insurance companies offer non-standard insurance (another name for high-risk auto insurance) to provide financial protection for these drivers.

At Direct Auto, we're proud to offer non-standard coverage to Indiana drivers. We believe your driving history shouldn't define you forever, and we work hard to help you get quality, affordable coverage, regardless of your past.

Where can I find the cheapest car insurance rates in Indiana?

Car insurance costs vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The amount & type of coverage you choose
  • The year, make, and model of the vehicle you drive
  • How much you drive, where you drive, and where you live
  • Your demographics
  • Your driving record
  • Your credit history

The good news is that companies like Direct Auto Insurance can provide Indiana drivers with non-standard auto insurance, meaning you can find an affordable rate that fits your budget even if you're considered a high-risk driver.

Start by getting a free Indiana car insurance quote, then work with a Direct Auto representative to create a coverage plan that meets your state's requirements and your own needs. Well work hard to make sure you get all the car insurance discounts you're entitled to receive so your premium is the lowest price possible.

Indiana Regional Auto Insurance

Depending on where you live, you might have specific wishes and “must-haves” in your mind for your car insurance policy. After all, drivers in downtown Indianapolis encounter more traffic and have a higher risk of accidents than people living in more rural areas. But no matter what city you call home in Indiana, were here to help you get covered.

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