Last updated: January 2023

What Is Form DL-123 & Who Needs One?

Getting a driver's license in any state requires a motorist to submit certain documents. In North Carolina, there's an extra document that many driver's license applicants must submit: Form DL-123.

The Form DL-123 proves to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles that you have at least the minimum amount of liability car insurance required to drive a vehicle registered in North Carolina.

Who typically needs to file a Form DL-123?

  • Someone applying for a driver's license for the first time in North Carolina. This covers teen drivers who are getting licensed for the first time (but not those getting a learner's permit), and a motorist who's moved to North Carolina and is seeking a driver's license.
  • Someone seeking restoration of a driver's license after it's been revoked or suspended, or after a DWI or DUI conviction.
  • Someone complying with a court order to demonstrate that he or she has liability coverage for a vehicle.

For other motorists getting a driver's license, a Form DL-123 is one of the documents — but not the only document — that they can use to prove they're carrying liability car insurance.

A North Carolina motorist can get a Form DL-123 from a car insurer that's licensed to do business in the state. The form can't be “purchased” on its own, however; it must accompany a valid auto insurance policy. The form expires 30 days after it was issued.

On each Form DL-123, you'll find information such as:

  • The name of the person applying for a driver's license.
  • The date that the form took effect.
  • The date that the form will expire.
  • The date that the insurance coverage was issued.

A Form DL-123 is also one of the accepted ways to show proof of liability car insurance when someone is registering a vehicle in North Carolina.

Now, if a driver doesn't own a vehicle registered in North Carolina or operates a non-fleet private vehicle owned by someone else, a certificate of exemption called a Form DL-123A must be submitted. This form certifies that a driver's license applicant is exempt from insurance requirements.

Where can you get DL-123? From your car insurance company. You can't submit this form yourself — it must be submitted by the insurance company. Whether you're getting back on the road after a DWI or DUI conviction or you're applying for a driver's license for the first time in North Carolina, your friendly agents at Direct Auto Insurance can help. Call 1-877-DIRECT (1-877-463-4732) or visit a Direct Auto location in North Carolina for help submitting Form DL-123 today!

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