Local & National Organizations That Offer Help With Car Repairs

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Wondering how you’re going to pay for all those car repairs? Do you need a car for work but can’t afford one right now? We may not be pros at repairing transmissions or fixing oil leaks, but we’re definitely experienced when it comes to saving you money.

No matter who you are—a single parent, a military veteran, a college student, or a senior, for instance—sometimes you just need a helping hand. The following churches, charities, and nonprofits in your state can come to your rescue if you’re scratching your head about how to pay for car repairs or services with no money.

Local Organizations


  • Caring Cars, a branch of the Family Services Center in Huntsville, Alabama, matches donated vehicles with families who have dependent children in their household so parents can travel to and from work, school, or appointments.





  • In Mississippi, the Community Services Division offers financial assistance to benefit the community and may be able to help you with your car repairs through its grant and loan program.

North Carolina

  • In Raleigh and Greensboro, North Carolina, a non-profit faith-based service called Wheels 4 Hope repairs and donates used cars.

South Carolina

  • The Cooperative Ministry’s “Autos for Opportunities” program allows residents of Richland and Lexington, South Carolina to apply for a car based on need. The vehicles come from community donations.


  • Operation Homefront serves U.S. military family members and wounded warriors in need of financial assistance with car repairs.


  • At two sites in Houston, the First Baptist Church’s Car Car Ministry makes small and large repairs for cars that belong to single women “whose budgets may be stretched to the point that maintaining transportation for work, family needs, and everyday life becomes a heavy burden.” Each woman has to bring any parts that need to be installed, but the labor is free.


  • Ways to Work, Inc. located in Lynchburg, Richmond, and Roanoke Virginia offers low-interest loans for work-related car repair.

National Organizations

No matter where you live in the U.S., there’s likely a church or faith-based group that offers some form of emergency car repair assistance. If you’re unsure where to turn for help, try your local St. Vincent de Paul chapter, your local Lutheran Services in America organization, or your local Catholic Charities office.

Your local Salvation Army and Goodwill organization will have more specific information on regional transportation assistance and car service programs in your area.

On a national basis, the Modest Needs Foundation is a nonprofit that typically assists cash-strapped people facing unexpected car repairs (and a variety of other needs). The foundation supplies grants of up $1,000.

Various United Way groups across the country may also help with one-time expenses for car repairs. Working Cars for Working Families provide cars for working families. And for U.S. military families needing help with car repairs, there’s Operation Homefront.

A Helping Hand in Your Neighborhood

Whether you're wondering how to pay for car repairs with no money or how to parallel park on a hill, we could all use a helping hand now and then. Turn to the charities and organizations in your area when you need emergency car repair assistance and your budget is tight.

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