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We believe that being a part of a community goes beyond insurance; it's about connecting with the people and places that make your neighborhood special. Whether you're new in town or a long-time resident, our goal is to keep you informed and engaged with all the exciting happenings in your local area.

Shuckers Minor League Baseball Event in Biloxi, MS

Our agents enjoyed a recent Direct Auto local event at the Biloxi Shuckers, the Double-A Minor League baseball game! It was an evening filled with excitement, camaraderie, and, of course, some thrilling baseball action. For more information on Shuckers, Double A, Minor League Baseball team, in the Milwaukee Brewers Farm System located in Biloxi, MS., visit More info on Shuckers; Biloxi Shuckers' LinkedIn Bio.

  • Shuckers  Baseball event in Biloxi, MS with Direct Auto agents smiling and having fun

    The Direct Auto local team in Biloxi, MS at a Shuckers Baseball game. From Left to Right; Dominique, Kailyn, Wendy (Standing), Laurie (Sitting), Hayley, Mark, Dara from Gulf Port and Bay St. Louis Stores.

  • Shuckers mascot  Schooner spinning the Direct Auto prize wheel 

    Shuckers mascot Schooner spinning the Direct Auto prize wheel.

  • Mississippi Area Marketing Manager Hayley with local Gulfport Direct Auto Agents Kailyn and Dominique at a Shuckers baseball game in Biloxi, MS this summer.

    Hayley and two local Direct Auto Agents, Kaily and Dominique, from Gulf Port at a Shuckers baseball game.

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GLTC Car & Bike Show in Lynchburg, Virginia

GLTC stands for The Greater Lynchburg Transit Company, the Car & Bike Show is an Annual Event (held in July) for charity and for customer appreciation.


  • Damien Mann and Local Agents at GLTC event

    Damien and team at GLTC event in July.

  • Direct Auto table set up at the Car & Bike Show in Lynchburg VA

    Direct Auto table of games and giveaways.

  • Two beautiful classic cars at the GLTC Car & Bike Show

    Two beautiful classic cars at the GLTC Car & Bike Show.

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