Budgeting for Term Life Insurance

Budgeting for Term Life? Never Been Easier!

Let's look at how the cost of term life insurance compares to everyday costs. While it's hard to plan for the worst, term life insurance acts as a financial support system that can alleviate the cost of burial, unexpected medical bills, and the loss of a primary income source. And a term life insurance policy can fit into most any budget.

Affordable Insurance

Direct Auto Insurance can offer affordable term life plans like 12 months of coverage and $15,000 for about 45 cents a day.*

Everyday Cost Comparison

Here are some everyday costs that stack up to the potential cost of term life insurance:

  • The Afternoon Snack - about 45 cents/day - Skip the vending machine when afternoon hunger strikes. You'll save enough to cover the cost of life insurance day-over-day.

  • The Beauty Treat - $3.22/week - Pass on the impulse beauty buy on your weekly trip to the grocery store and put that money to better use on a term life insurance policy.

  • The Movie Rentals - $13.92/month - The costs of in-home entertainment can certainly stack upup to $13.92/month. Forgo the films and place that money into a term life insurance plan.

  • The Phone Upgrade - $167/year - Keep your current device instead of upgrading to the latest phone model and you could get a 12-month term life insurance policy for roughly the same price.


A life insurance policy may be much cheaper than you ever imagined. Find out by getting a free life insurance quote online. There's no lengthy medical exam, just answer a few simple health questions. Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT or meet with a Direct Auto Insurance representative to learn more about your term life insurance options today! We have over 400 locations in more than a dozen states across America.