About JJ Hightail
JJ Hightail


JJ Hightail is a former professional racecar driver. He grew up in the sweet little town of Shockey, Tennessee, to which he credits his charm, country wit, and passion for racing anything with wheels.

JJ's hardworking rural beginnings paved the way for his pedal-to-the-metal drive, both on and off the track. After retiring from the speedway, JJ's "can-do" attitude has carried on into all aspects of his life, from mastering rice grain painting to swimming the length of the Mighty Mississippi to curating one of the world's largest collections of viral cat videos.

Here are some of JJ's other stats:

Date of Birth:

Favorite Food:
Anything Southern (especially if it's fried), Chips & Salsa


Favorite Race Track:
Any road with curves

Professional Racing Sportsmanship Award ('95)
Most Explosions On and Off the Track ('94)

Credit Score:
It's not so good at the moment

Art of Dance, Saving Money on Car Insurance

Mustache Protector™, Cargo-Jean Shorts

Favorite Pleasant Surprise:
Pulling my jeans out of the dryer and finding a warm, soft $20 bill in the pocket

If I was a bird I would be:
An American Bald Eagle (but not actually bald)

JJ is currently a "professional" spokesperson for Direct Auto Insurance as well as a loyal customer. He enjoys spending time with his insurance agent friends and watching them "Pleasantly Surprise" Direct customers with savings and services they may not know they can get.